Regional Development Australia (RDA), an initiative of the Australian Government, is a national network of committees which foster regional economic development. RDAs work with all three levels of government, and the business and community sectors to boost the economic capability and performance of their regions.

RDAs facilitate policies, programs and projects designed to strengthen human capital, productivity, infrastructure, access to markets, regional comparative advantage and business competitiveness, leading to increased economic activity and employment creation.

There are 55 RDA Committees around Australia, including 12 in Queensland, each made up of committed local volunteers with a strong grass roots understanding of their regions. RDA Committees work with their communities to identify opportunities, challenges and priorities for action. They are local people developing local solutions to local issues.

RDA Brisbane works within the Brisbane Local Government Area with some cross-regional spread into other South East Queensland regions. The RDA's role is to:

  • Maintain a 3-5 year Regional Roadmap that focuses on the economic development of our region and takes account of Australian, State and Local Government plans
  • Advise on priority activities that will drive regional economic development and take advantage of comparative advantages, based on consultation and engagement with community leaders
  • Assist local community stakeholders to develop project proposals and help shepherd them to appropriate public and/or private funding sources
  • Provide advice to the Australian Government on critical issues affecting the region
  • Enhance awareness of Australian Government programs