Regional Plans or Roadmaps are strategic planning documents developed by each RDA in Australia. They describe their region's significant assets, characteristics, industry, employment base and key advantages. They also set out the RDA's vision for the region, and identify unifying priorities for action.

RDA Brisbane is in the final stages of developing a new Regional Roadmap 2020 to provide the RDA with a strategic framework for a meaningful contribution to our region's development over the next four years. The synopsis sets out the key elements of the new Roadmap: Regional Vision, Regional Priorities, Planning Framework, RDA Activities, Projects & Initiatives and Work Plan.

These have been developed from an extensive research process including an analysis of existing plans, reports, statistical evidence and our ongoing stakeholder engagement and collaboration. The final document when completed will be a living document to which stakeholder comment and suggestions will be welcomed.

Download a synopsis of the 2020 Roadmap

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